Tuesday, June 24, 2008

OSS work at NTNU

This is a blog from the Open Nordic conference in Skien Norway 19-20 june 2008.

Letizia Jaccieri and Reidar Conradi

History about OSS software work at NTNU:

Looks at various roles (provider, participant, integrator, user, customer). Mentions some skills: Technical comercial, organizational, creative.
More history. Reuse is now very different than before.
They have done s bunch of surveys on COTS. A patte

Forthcoming article IEEE software 2008 (ten facts about open source development)
Finding: In reviews of sprints in SCRUM the customer is very very seldom present. That is probably a mistake.

Metod for learing about OTS:
1. Ask someone on the office. 1b. search the net, download 3-6 canidates. No formal selection method. Quality is not a problem (?? why). Problems: Effort estinatiln, integration, debugging, customer non-participation, cliencing, comany policies, how to classify components. Ontologies are not stable at all.

It is methododically difficult to study open source projects. How do you analyze a project with 300 developers in 30 countries?


Industry and academia. Shared internal development is a goal.
About 50% reuse and integrate OSS components.

Main findings:

Motivations for adoptions of OSS:
  • Simplify developer´s jobs: High availability of information, pcomponents and their source code. Simple procurement.
  • Reusable software assets: Increase productivity increase quality
  • Reduced costs: Reduced development effort, no license fees.
Selection process:
  • Evaluating util something "good enough" is found
  • Tested further throug test integration and prototyping
  • informal knowledge driven rpocess based on previous experience, recommendations, informal searches, surveilance of the OSS community.

Eskil Sundt: Case open standards (ARM)
  • A masters project, single person one year. Development of a multip.latform graphics application Used ARM platform for embeded graphics.
  • Used OpenVG (Open vector graphics for embeded systems. Target: Map intraces, scalable userinterfaces, e-book reaers,g ames and SVG viewers). SVG (We all know this ;) He was looking at an SVG viewer. OpenVG is built on the SVG model, but there are differences: SVG format, openvg is an API.
  • He wrote a 20KLOC program calledSVG Tiny.
  • Results: It workt nicely ;))

Letizia: Open soure art project.

Cases (all on sourceforge)
  • Open Digital Canvas project
  • Soonic Onyx Project (mobile phones)
  • The Flyndre project
An art competition: http://mediawiki.idt.ntnu.no/wiki/sart

  • http://www.idi.ntnu.no/grupper/su
  • http://research.idi.ntnu.no/oss
  • http://www.itea-cosi.org/
What Letizia wish for: She wish to have a master project about open source, perhaps a national research scool on open source software.

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stelt said...

> SVG (We all know this ;)

In case you want to learn more about this, or are one of the few who has not heard about it yet: the SVG link resource