Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Gaia library javascript library

This is a blog from the Open Nordic conference in Skien Norway 19-20 june 2008.

The presentation is on http:// ajaxwidgets.com/opennordic/
About Gaia: Standards, dual licensed javascript library. Works on many things.
What is the open web?

The way forward is to build on standards, and build small stuff on top of that. JavaFX, silverlight etc, is emphaticly not the way forward.

There are a bunch of AJAX framework. Many, many many, in some periods there were three of them every week.

Hmm, this guy is heavy on the ideology, booring. I´m reading Yegge instad ;)

Ok, he said something interesting: "Bill Gates´s last act as an agent of influence in MS was to set the company up for failure" ;)

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