Wednesday, November 5, 2008

It's the small things that makes life worth living

Today I added OpenID login to a project I am working on.  I used the OpenID plugin for grails, but it didn't work properly.   Only after a long while did I figure out the reason:

  • The application is called "widgary", and grails by default gives it the url http://.../widgary
  • I don't like this, so I forced Jetty to set the context path to "/".
  • The plugin doesn't grok this, it wrongly assumes that it is -only- the .../widgary/.. path that is valid, and hence no openid logins work.
During the course of this (*ehrm*) discovery process, I also discovered that the spring security plugin (formerly called acegi  plugin) is probably a better choice, so perhaps I'll end up using that now that I know how to make plugins work ;)