Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Implementing ODF in Belgium (Bart Hanssens)

This is a blog from the Open Nordic conference in Skien Norway 19-20 june 2008.

Belgium. 10.6 million people, dense population, three languages (Dutch, French, German). Very little layering of public services. All the various parts of the government has a high degree of autonomy.

odf-converter.sourceforge.net: A converter using .Net 2.0 and 3 separate .MSIs. Can convert stuff here and there. Integration with MS-office OK, pretty good .doc conversion, but not quite there yet. A bunch of rough edges but mostly useful.

He mentioned a lot of other stuff as well. It seems to be sort of useful, but still a whole bunch of rough edges. If you want to ODF is probably useful for prime time today.

His presentation was not the most inspiring one, so I spent spent most of my available attention on reading mail and news ;-)

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