Monday, October 10, 2011

It's the little things - Octave and Gnuplot on OSX

I look forward to do some work on the machine learning and AI tasks, but right now I'm struggling with the basic tools. In particular the fact that I can't get plotting to work with Octave on OSX. I can get Octave to work, I can get Gnuplot to work, but not to use Gnuplot from within Octave. It's very frustrating. I will of course crack this one one way or another, but this is the kind of hurdle I get no pleasure from jumping over.

Update: I found a solution on

It's simply to put this:

## commands executed on startup

into an ~/.octaverc file. It works for octave, but not for QtOctave, but that's acceptable.

Update 2: It even works for qtMatlab, now I only need to get the inferior octave thingy in AquaEmacs to work and I'm all set to work in perfect comfort :-)

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