Monday, October 10, 2011

Happy Happy Joy Joy

The joys of fatherhood: Yesterday I was helping my son to bed, talking a bit with him and reading from a book. He is six years old and has recently started in first grade at school. Two really nice things happened:
  1. For some reason we were talking about numbers, and I asked him if the number eight was a prime. He waited a few seconds obviously thinking, then smiled and said "No, because it is an even number" . His math teacher is really cute too :-)
  2. I've decided to feed him some antidote to children's television, so I'm reading Kiplings "Jungle Book" for him (not the Disney version). I haven't read that version myself before and it was a plesant surprise: It's very well written, witty and not very politically correct. Sometimes it's just plain brutal, but (except some blatantly racist parts that I quietly skipped when reading) it's also very tasteful. Hooray for old Rudyard ;-)

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