Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Aria from Bachs Goldberg variations

The aria from the Goldberg variations is a beautiful piece of music. Perhaps one of the most beautiful pieces ever written.   When Glenn Gould plays it (video clip above) is of course beautiful, it also sounds very simple.  Like something anyone can play.   Well.  It even feels that way when you play the first few bars, but that's a deception!   When playing this piece I feel like I'm trapped inside (a very beautiful) swiss watch:  There are cogwheels everywhere, and they have to match up exactly or the whole thing just  stops working.  It's not that hard to put the fingers on the right place at almost the right time, but getting it exactly right is surprisingly difficult.  But of course also rewarding.   This is the kind of music it's worth spending time on.  Every little bit of improved skill on my part  pays itself back handsomely in musical experience (for myself, I don't dare let anyone else listen to this until I'm considerably more skilled :-)

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