Thursday, August 30, 2007

Getting Polish up&running

I recently looked at the blueme chat client. It seems quite interesting. GPL2 code, available on SourceForge. However, it uses the J2ME-Polish library, so I needed to get that up& running. The installation guide for NetBeans wasn't all I needed, so this is what I did to get it up & working.

  • Follow instructions on page 21 in "The Complete Guide to J2ME Polish"
  • Install Nokia series 60 emulator (if you like, Sun WDK 2.5.1. is perhaps even better).
  • Click on properties, use defaults wherever possible (except as described below)
  • If NetBeans gripes about being unable to find libraries, add all polish-supplied jar (enough*.jar) files to property jars (this is probably overkill, but just adding the enough-j2mepolish-client.jar file wasn't enough)
  • Selecting "Generic/Midp2Cldc11" as configuration will trigger use of the Sun WDK 2.5.1. emulator, which is nice, and usually works pretty well.

Then I was able to run & debug apps. We'll see what comes out of it ;))

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